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“P-Pal” Prime Piping & Agriculture Technology






PERFECT PRIME PIPING & AGRITECH PRIVATE LIMITED (P-PAL) is an incorporated company closely held and Registered under companies act, located at Jaipur (Rajasthan) & is engaged in providing quality products and services for Pipeline & energy efficient system for various applications like water supply sewerage drainage, gas, chemicals & slurry transportation and agriculture techniques with respect to sprinkler & drip irrigation with world class technology.

The goal is with optimistic considerations that above work will prove an assistance for development of basics mainly knowledge- food- clothing, shelter by way of adopting savings, optimism and longtime concept and major thrust on to save energy which is being wasted due to non-efficient systems.

Whoever is with whatsoever knowledge & work skill should get pace to work, get returns & be rewarded.



1)    PIPES & PIPE FITTINGS: We select techno-commercially best pipes for the application. In most of the application for useful service life span PE pipes due to its excellent properties and ease of operation, up to temp of 500c found to be most suitable.

2)    ENERGY & AGRICULTURAL EQUIPMENTS: Agricultural machinery and equipment and Equipment for Non-conventional energy sources.


1)      Survey, System Design and hydraulic calculations: pumping / Gravity Main System design with Hydraulic calculations, Network Design for Water Supply & Gas Supply for Domestic / Industrial use, Pump Selection & Power requirement Estimation, Pipeline Optimum Sizing.

2)      Detailed Engineering: Soil load calculation, buckling pressure calculation, Air relief valve locations, Surge Arrestor, Pipe Safety Equipment. Buoyancy Calculations, Pedestal Support, RCC Anchor Block, Intake Header, Off-take Diffuser System, Anti Floatation Blocks, Valve Chambers, Intake Well, Jack Well, GLSR, OHT, Pump House etc, Jointing parameters, pump selection, pipe MOC Comparison

3)      Drawings & Detailed bill of material with Technical specifications: L section, contour survey, BOQ & Specification  finalization.

4)      Assistance for material procurement

5)      Execution Planning, Project Execution/Installation: P-PAL has in-House team – experts, experienced engineers, technicians & Equipment. Timely Supply of Material, Deployment of Experienced Manpower, Equipment & Project Execution as well as technical services & After Sales Service is our basic Strength. This enables us to take up turnkey projects.



Project Supervision & Project evaluation

7)      Operation & maintenance of pipeline system:

For piping system for

1)       Water Supply

2)       Syphon water

3)       HAVAC System

4)       Gas reticulation


Effluent Disposal

6)       Slurry transportation

7)       Rain water harvesting

8)       Dust suppression system

9)       Sewerage conveyance & disposal

10)   Lichet collection perforated system

11)   Chemical transportation including acids

12)   Water conveyance for irrigation (Lift, Sprinkler, drip)



Governments are focusing on improving agricultural productivity. Existing methods of irrigation (flow/canal) have been found to be wasteful and piping & micro/sprinkler irrigation is now seen as the best solution. The total irrigation potential from surface and ground water sources would be around 140mn hectares (MHa). Out of the total sown land, over 71 MHa is rain-fed while the immediate potential that can be created through major and medium irrigation projects is 69 MHa, and surface water based minor irrigation projects is over 17.5MHa. This signifies there that exists huge scope for further Irrigation in India. P-PAL is the leading player among the organized players accounting for a sizeable chunk of the irrigation market.


Drinking water pipelines, Sewerage pipelines, Gas pipeline & telecommunication are the main application covered in this segment and public investments in rural and urban infrastructure are encouraging in this field. So far rapidly growing GDP and the infrastructure boom have fueled growth of the Piping Segment, which has clocked 30-­40% growth over the past 2-3 years.

Many state governments and municipalities are currently evaluating water supply projects and are likely to invite bids and award projects in coming years. The company estimates the potential opportunity from these projects.

P-PAL is poised for implementing turnkey piping projects. With the rise in urban population, some state governments have plans to implement 24/7 pressurized water in the big cities. This project requires an entire system from pumps to filtration to nodal pipelines up to the domestic consumer as well as metering and monitoring.

Domestically, P-PAL competes with similar kind of business houses but the market is large enough to accommodate all the players, thus eliminating threat from competition.





Management: The Company is professionally managed by a well groomed team of highly qualified and experienced persons of the respective field.

2.    EQUIPMENT AVAILBLE for Project Activity

Company is equipped with the pipe welding machines, survey and designing equipment sets, pipeline testing pumps and equipment sets. These equipments offer capability of undertaking Large Scale Turn-Key pipeline Projects.


Our credo is UNCOMPROMISING QUALITY and SPIRIT OF EXCELLENCE. P-PAL’s Team has served & supported all their valued customers with great dedication with professional approach in installation & after sales service. P-PAL leverages its immense strengths in Design / Application Engineering, expert installation team, Dedicated pool of highly qualified and experienced manpower comprising of engineers and professionals in the field to offer turnkey Supports for installation, implementation, Testing, Commissioning, operation and maintenance of System.

P-Pal Team is successfully experienced in PE piping projects for various applications viz., Water Supply, Effluent Conveyance, Irrigation, dredging, Siphon system and Underwater.

Our clients are Manufacturers, Distributors, Dealers & retailers, End users, Govt. bodies, Societies and communities.


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Perfect Prime Piping and Agritech Private Limited

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